Re­gis­tra­tion: Pass­ive House Ex­hib­i­tion

Welcome to the registration for the Passive House Exhibition 2023!

We are very much looking forward to meeting you at the Passive House Exhibition from 10th until 11th March 2023 in the RheinMain CongressCenter Wiesbaden, Germany.

The floor plan of the exhibition area will help you identify the perfect booth for your company. Please also have a look at the floor plan of the RheinMain CongressCenter to familiarise yourself with the exact location of the exhibition area within the building.

Should you have any questions regarding the exhibition, please do not hesitate to contact Ms Daniela Völp via e-mail ( or phone (+49 6151 82 699 109).

IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR CO-EXHIBITORS: If you are interested in being a co-exhibitor and sharing another registered exhibitor's booth, please do NOT use the registration form below and instead get in touch with Ms Daniela Völp via e-mail ( or phone (+49 6151 82 699 109).


Company Information

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Please upload your logo as a gif or png if you wish to have your company website linked on the conference website.

Invoice Address (if different)

Contact Person

Selection of booth type in presence format

There are four types of booth packages available at the 26th International Passive House Exhibition: Basic, Plus, Maxi, and Premium.

The prices for the booths include the following services:

  • A booth area in the RheinMain CongressCenter in Wiesbaden (excluding booth setup):
    • Basic Package: 6m2
    • Plus Package: 9m² - 10.35m²
    • Maxi Package: 12m²
    • Premium Package: 16m2
  • Direct contact to the participants of the 26th International Passive House Conference
  • Organised guided exhibition tours with a specialist audience to your booth
  • Your booth on the exhibition hall plan in the conference programme booklet available to all participants
  • Free tickets to the complete 26th International Passive House Conference, including the Passive House Conference programme and the evening event on Friday, 10th March (excluding catering during the day):
    • Basic Package: 1 conference ticket included
    • Plus Package: 2 conference tickets included
    • Maxi Package: 2 conference tickets included
    • Premium Package: 3 conference tickets included

Sponsoring Package

Enhance your visibility at the 26th International Passive House Conference and advertise your company with our sponsorship packages. Once you have decided on one of the packages and have submitted your registration as an exhibitor, we will be happy to contact you to arrange the details. You also have the possibility to book the sponsorship package after your registration as an exhibitor.

All prices plus 19% VAT. For further requests, you can contact us individually (


By sending our registration, we acknowledge in all regards the conditions of participation as well as the technical terms and conditions set out by the RheinMain CongressCenter. These conditions are part of the agreement.

We hereby declare our consent for the data specified in the registration form to be collected, stored and used by Passivhaus Institut GmbH for the purpose of correspondence, for invoicing purposes and provision of the agreed services as part of the exhibition during the 26th International Passive House Conference.

All prices plus 19% VAT.

With our registration, we acknowledge the privacy policy available to us in all points. The privacy policy is part of the contract.

In the run-up to the Passive House Exhibition, all planned booths must be approved by the technical service of the RheinMain CongressCenter (RMCC) with the help of its delegatis software. For this purpose, Passivhaus Institut GmbH collects and stores all data required from the exhibitors for the approval of the planned booths and subsequently transmits this data to delegatis/RMCC. Starting January 2023, delegatis/RMCC will send an e-mail with a personalised link for booth approval to the e-mail address provided beforehand by each registered exhibitor.

We hereby declare our consent to the collection and storage of the data required for the approval of our booth by Passivhaus Institut GmbH and to the subsequent transmission of said data to delegatis/RMCC.