Ses­sion 4

Ses­si­on 4: In­ter­na­tio­nal Pas­si­ve Hou­se Plus and Pre­mi­um Buil­dings

Fri­day, 10th March 2023, Stu­dio 2.2 B-D

In Wies­ba­den, will be re­cor­ded and provided on de­mand to the on­line par­ti­cipants after the con­fer­en­ce

Eng­lish ses­sion

Time (CET) Lec­ture Speak­er           
1.30 pm Wel­come
Edwin Peter May | BLDGTYP, LLC

1.35 pm

Pas­siv­haus PLUS at 60 De­grees North

Chal­len­ges and op­por­tu­ni­ties for the ra­pid ad­op­ti­on of the Pas­siv­haus Plus stan­dard the new mi­ni­mum!  Alt­hough the Pas­siv­haus Clas­sic Stan­dard is well un­der­stood, the Pas­siv­haus Plus & Pre­mi­um stan­dards de­pend on over­due chan­ges in do­mi­nant so­cio-tech­ni­cal re­gi­mes. We Can do it even at 60° north!

Allen Duncan | University of Greenwich

1.50 pm

Eva­lua­ting Two Years of En­er­gy Per­for­man­ce for a Pas­si­ve Hou­se Plus Dwel­ling

This stu­dy pres­ents the ana­ly­sis of the en­er­gy con­sump­ti­on and sup­ply for an all-elec­tric Pas­si­ve Hou­se Plus Dwel­ling (Bram­bles – ID 6613) which has a ho­me bat­te­ry and an elec­tric ve­hic­le. Bram­bles’ low en­er­gy use and bills of­fer a so­lu­ti­on to hou­sing de­sign, con­si­de­ring the UK’s net-ze­ro goals.

Ifrah Ariff | bere:architects

2.05 pm

How Ea­sy Is It to Ach­ie­ve Pas­siv­haus Pre­mi­um in Warm Cli­ma­tes?

This pre­sen­ta­ti­on aims to en­cou­ra­ge users to de­sign Pas­siv­haus Pre­mi­um and ta­ke ad­van­ta­ge of its be­ne­fits. It en­or­mous­ly re­du­ces elec­tri­ci­ty con­sump­ti­on and de­coup­les from the ri­se in en­er­gy pri­ces. Re­ne­wa­ble so­lar en­er­gy pro­duc­ti­on in coun­tries with high so­lar ra­dia­ti­on ma­kes it even ea­si­er.

Maria Vico García | Castaño y Asociados Construcción Sostenible S.L.
2.20 pm

Ques­tions and an­swers


2.40 pm

In­door Air Qua­li­ty Per­for­man­ce on the Er­ne Cam­pus - Pas­si­ve Hou­se Pre­mi­um Buil­ding

In­door Air Qua­li­ty has such a si­gni­fi­can­ce when we con­si­der the amount of ti­me peo­ple spend in­doors. Pas­si­ve Hou­se Buil­dings ha­ve con­sis­tent­ly shown post oc­cu­pan­cy da­ta which is in li­ne with op­ti­mum air qua­li­ty. This stu­dy pres­ents the first ye­ar of CO2 and Tem­pe­ra­ture da­ta for the Er­ne Cam­pus.

Barry McCarron | South West College

2.55 pm

El­lan­ion Villa: af­ford­able, sus­tain­able, autonom­ous pass­ive house premi­um on Ae­gina Greece

El­lan­ion Villa is a 149 sq.m. three-bed­room house built, us­ing CFS struc­ture. It in­cor­por­ates sev­er­al tech­no­lo­gies al­low­ing it to pro­duce more en­ergy than needed, mak­ing it an off the grid Premi­um Pass­ive House. We present the pro­cesses of design, con­struc­tion and the cur­rent en­ergy util­iz­a­tion.

Vesko Mutafchiev | Vivacitas Homes
3.10 pm

Ap­p­ly­ing the Pas­siv­haus Plus Stan­dard to Vo­lu­me­tric Mo­du­lar Ho­mes Built Off­si­te Us­ing MMC

By ad­ap­ting the ‘tried and tes­ted’ Be­at­tie Pas­si­ve PHI cer­ti­fied com­po­nent build sys­tem for mo­du­lar, Be­at­tie Pas­si­ve has com­bi­ned the en­er­gy ef­fi­cien­cy, com­fort and car­bon-sa­ving be­ne­fits of the Pas­siv­haus stan­dard with the speed, pre­ci­si­on and ver­sa­ti­li­ty of vo­lu­me­tric mo­du­lar tech­no­lo­gy.

Ron Beattie | Beattie Passive
3.25 pm Ques­tions and an­swers  


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