Methods and Tools

Hall Schubert 4-5 (Level 1) - Friday, 28 April 2017

Time Topic Speaker

4 pm

Integrated design and BIM for social housing apartment Arnhem Presikhaaf

Carl-Peter Goossen

4:25 pm

Worldwide moisture assessment

Oliver Ottinger

4:50 pm

Teaching Passive House technology and execution in Romania

Marius Soflete

5:15 pm

Importing building information modeling data into the PHPP

Johan Cristol

5:40 pm

PH standard as a target criterion in the design education of architects

Karin Stieldorf

6:05 pm


Gollwitzer | Calculation: simplified window installation
Edwards | Determination of shading reduction factors for PHPP/designPH from a 3D computer model
Harrmann | From scribbled cheat sheets to helpful tools
Paulsen | PHPP Anonymous: Lessons learned from the Vancouver-area PHPP users group
Rose | The NZEB tool - building physics are key to tipping point in Dutch building sector

Gollwitzer, Edwards, Harrmann, Paulsen, Rose