Ses­sion 3

Ses­sion 3: Pro­jects in North Amer­ica

Room D 111 (Level 1) - Fri­day, 9 March 2018

Time Top­ic Speak­er

The im­port­ance of Em­bod­ied En­ergy in today’s Pass­ive House pro­jects: A New York case study

Stas Za­krzewski


750 Bed Stu­dent Res­id­ence with High Oc­cu­pancy Load, Is the Cost of PH worth it?

A. Arifuzza­man, D. Byrne


Pass­ive House proof in Pitt­s­burgh: profit + Par­is pro­gress

Brandon Nich­olson


New mar­ket rate pro­jects for the fast grow­ing re­gion of Van­couver

M. Studer, L. Pic­ciano



McMath | North­ern most cer­ti­fied Pass­ive House in North Amer­ica - A learn­ing demon­stra­tion pro­ject
Wall/Wim­mers | A com­par­at­ive LCA of the wood in­nov­a­tion re­search lab: an in­dus­tri­al PH for cold cli­mates
Eli­as Fahssi | Cal­gary, car­bon, and com­pon­ents: op­por­tun­it­ies for Pass­ive House in “C-Town”
Buck Moor­head | Buck moor­head ar­chi­tect: design­ing Pass­ive House on the sly

McMath, Wall/Wim­mers, Fahssi, Moor­head


Paulsen | Clear­ing the air: Is flow rate a suf­fi­cient meas­ure of kit­chen range hood ef­fic­acy?
Zou­ari | Feas­ib­il­ity as­sess­ment of Pass­ive House in the far Ca­na­dian North
Peel | Primary En­ergy con­sid­er­a­tions in a large mixed-used stu­dent dorm
Ro­mano | HANAC Corona: a case study of Pass­ive House in mul­ti­fam­ily af­ford­able hous­ing

Paulsen, Zou­ari, Peel, Ro­mano