Ses­sion 13

Ses­sion 13: Non-res­id­en­tial build­ings

Hall 5 - Thursday, 10 Oc­to­ber 2019, 11:30 am

Time Top­ic Speak­er

11:30 am

Of­fice and res­id­en­tial pass­ive house build­ing in Zhuozhou, China − fo­cus on mon­it­or­ing

Ernst Schriefl, Ber­thold Kaufmann

11:55 am

The wood in­nov­a­tion re­search labor­at­ory at UN­BC, Prince George, BC, Canada

An­drea Frisque

12:20 pm

Strategies for im­prov­ing en­ergy ef­fi­cien­cies in large in­sti­tu­tion­al kit­chens
The Uni­versity of Vic­tor­ia’s PH stu­dent res­id­en­ces is among the few pro­jects aim­ing to reach the stand­ard with a fully-equipped com­mer­cial kit­chen. The design ad­opts a wide range of meas­ures, de­tailed and as­sessed in PHPP, to re­duce the high-en­ergy in­tens­ity em­bed­ded in the kit­chen op­er­a­tion.

Mar­ine Sanc­hez

12:45 pm

Shift­ing gears: A pass­ive house car deal­er­ship in the mak­ing
This pa­per ex­plores the chal­lenges and solu­tions of the world’s first Pass­ive House Car Deal­er­ship. Strict re­quire­ments, a tough cli­mate, and op­er­a­tion­al real­it­ies forced the design team to con­tinu­ally re-ev­al­u­ate pro­posed solu­tions. What res­ul­ted is an in­nov­at­ive build­ing that will serve as a beacon for Pass­ive House build­ings around the world.

Steph­en Quinn, An­drew Peel

1:10 pm

Pass­ive house guidelines for in­door swim­ming pools
Based on in-use ex­per­i­en­ce of the first com­pleted Pass­ive House in­door swim­ming pool pro­jects and sup­ple­ment­ary re­search, the Pass­ive House In­sti­tu­te has re­leased a com­pre­hens­ive re­port and gen­er­al guidelines of re­com­men­ded ef­fi­ciency meas­ures for in­door pools. This con­tri­bu­tion sum­mar­ises the main find­ings.


Jes­sica Grove-Smith




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