Ses­si­on 9

Ses­si­on 9: Ven­ti­la­ti­on and hea­ting

Diens­tag, 14. Sep­tem­ber 2021

Uhr­zeit (MESZ) Vor­trag Re­fe­rent             
10.00 Uhr Be­grü­ßung  

10.05 Uhr

Ven­ti­la­ti­on sys­tems com­bi­ned with he­at pump for hea­ting, coo­ling and do­me­stic hot wa­ter

Berthold Kaufmann | Passivhaus Institut


10.20 Uhr

Land­mi­nes & Red Flags: How to avo­id the­se when de­si­gning VRF space con­di­tio­ning sys­tems

Lois Arena | Steven Winter Associates, Inc

10.35 Uhr

The ap­p­li­ca­ti­on of am­bient loop dis­trict hea­ting in mul­ti-re­si­den­ti­al Pas­si­ve Hou­ses

Hannah Jones | Greengauge
10.50 Uhr Fra­gen und Ant­wor­ten  
11.10 Uhr

Iso­la­ti­on en­vi­ron­ments: How Pas­si­ve Hou­se = Pas­si­ve He­alth

Esther van Eeden | Kearns Mancini Architects

11.25 Uhr

Ex­pe­ri­ence of air to wa­ter he­at pumps for sin­gle fa­mi­ly pas­siv­haus dwel­lings

Alan Clarke | Alan Clarke
11.40 Uhr

De­ve­lop­ment of a mo­du­lar he­at pump with com­pact and si­lent faça­de-in­te­gra­ted out­door unit

William Monteleone | University of Innsbruck, Unit for Energy Efficient Building
11.55 Uhr Fra­gen und Ant­wor­ten  

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