Ses­si­on 13

Ses­si­on 13: Ener­gy ef­fi­cient non-re­si­den­ti­al buil­dings

Mitt­woch, 15. Sep­tem­ber 2021

Uhr­zeit (MESZ) Vor­trag Re­fe­rent             
10.00 Uhr Be­grü­ßung  

10.05 Uhr

Char­ting new ter­ri­to­ry in Pas­si­ve Hou­se: Van­cou­ver Fi­re Hall 17

Elise Woestyn | HCMA Architecture + Design


Elena Reyes | Passivhaus Institut

10.20 Uhr

Les­sons le­ar­ned from the first cer­ti­fied of­fi­ce buil­ding in Ro­ma­nia (PHI­LEB)

Marius Soflete.png
​ Marius Șoflete | Inginerie Creativă ​

10.35 Uhr

A com­pa­ri­son bet­ween two iden­ti­cal nur­se­ries in Scot­land - one Pas­siv­haus one tra­di­tio­nal

Allan Smith | Galliford Try
10.50 Uhr Fra­gen und Ant­wor­ten  
11.10 Uhr

Low ener­gy free-run­ning pa­per sto­res: Moi­sture buf­fe­ring mo­del and mo­ni­to­red da­ta, and app

Alan Clarke | Alan Clarke


11.25 Uhr

Stu­dents' dor­mi­to­ry in Vi­to­ria-Gas­teiz /Bas­que C - Spain: A stan­dard pro­ject be­co­mes a PH


Adelina allein.jpg
Adelina Uriarte Gonzalo-Bilbao | MUI Passiv SL


Pedro allein.jpg
Pedro Mariñeralera Albeniz | MUI Passiv SL
11.40 Uhr


11.55 Uhr Fra­gen und Ant­wor­ten  

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