Ses­si­on 10

Ses­si­on 10: Pos­ter Ses­si­ons

Sams­tag, 11. März 2023, Stu­dio Ter­ras­se

In Wies­ba­den mit Li­ve-Über­tra­gung für Teil­neh­men­de


Uhr­zeit (MEZ) Vor­trag Re­fe­rent*in            
10.45 Uhr Be­grü­ßung

10.50 Uhr

Ob­ser­va­ti­ons af­ter Buil­ding My Own PH Hou­se in Cór­do­ba, Ar­gen­ti­na

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Evangelina Morello | Estudio de Arquitectura Cuaranta Morello

10.55 Uhr

Pas­si­ve Hou­se in Mon­go­li­an Cli­ma­te

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Ganbaa Nyamaa | Mongolian Passive House Institute

11.00 Uhr

In­ten­si­ve Edu­ca­ti­on for Su­stai­na­bi­li­ty: Czech Hou­se at So­lar De­c­ath­lon Eu­ro­pe 21-22

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Jan Tywoniak | Czech Technical University in Prague
11.05 Uhr

A Pas­si­ve Hou­se Re­tro­fit­ting of a His­to­ri­cal Sto­ne Buil­ding in Ire­land

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Sean Breathnach | Atlantic Technological University, Sligo
11.10 Uhr

Two-Di­men­sio­nal Ther­mal Mo­del­ling of Floor Sl­abs with Ven­ti­la­ted Crawl Spaces

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Edward Lowes & Soraya Lopez | Passivhaus Institut

11.15 Uhr

Speak Smart! - Ei­ne Stu­die zum ge­sun­den, nach­hal­ti­gen und güns­ti­gen Woh­nen

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Harald Konrad Malzer & Emese Malzer-Papp | NEUE HEIMAT TIROL Gemeinnützige WohnungsGmbH; Universität Innsbruck - Institut für Mehrsprachigkeit
11.20 Uhr

Su­stai­na­ble Pas­si­ve Plus Hou­ses with Bio Dis­trict Hea­ting, Le­ar­nings from Tarm, Den­mark

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Søren Riis Dietz | Bjerg arkitektur
11.25 Uhr

Ro­bust De­tails for Pas­siv­haus Tim­ber Fra­me

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Jesus Menendez | ZE Passivhaus Services Ltd
11.30 Uhr

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Speaker | N.N.
11.35 Uhr

The Per­for­man­ce of Pas­si­ve Hou­se in Ban­gla­desh: A De­tai­led Nu­me­ri­cal Stu­dy

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Eshrar Latif | Cardiff University
11.40 Uhr

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Speaker | N.N.
11.45 Uhr

En­er­gy Stu­dy of Pas­siv­haus-Cer­ti­fied Buil­dings in Spain

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Andreu Villagrasa Álvarez & Micheel Wassouf | Energiehaus
11.55 Uhr

Su­stai­na­ble, En­er­gy and Car­bon Po­si­ti­ve Re­vi­ta­li­za­ti­on of a School in Prague

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Jiri Tencar | ECOTEN s.r.o.
12.10 Uhr

All-Round De­ve­lop­ment and De­mons­tra­ti­on of a Mi­cro-Sca­le He­at Pump for Re­no­va­ted Buil­dings

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William Monteleone | Universität Innsbruck
12.25 Uhr

He­ri­ta­ge for the Fu­ture: In­te­gra­ting En­er­PHit to Seis­mic Up­gra­des of His­to­ric Buil­dings

The integration of EnerPHit with seismic strengthening of historic buildings is investigated with three case studies in Aotearoa New Zealand. The combination of different construction systems is investigated and discussed, focusing on Unreinforced Masonry (URM) buildings.

Priscilla Besen | Auckland University of Technology
12.40 Uhr Fra­gen und Ant­wor­ten  

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