Ar­beits­grup­pe 17

Ses­si­on 17: Pro­jects in cool­ing dom­in­ated cli­ma­tes

Hall 4 - Thurs­day, 10 Oc­to­ber 2019, 14:30 pm

Ti­me Top­ic Speak­er

14:30 pm

Ba­sa I, pas­si­ve hou­se mul­ti-fam­ily dwel­ling in Za­r­ago­za (Spain)

Car­ran­za Nav­ar­ro, Pa­blo

14:55 pm

Ef­fi­cient cool­ing and de­hu­mid­i­fic­a­ti­on stra­te­gies in warm and hot cli­ma­tes

Si­chen Sheng

15:20 pm

Cost-ef­fect­ive mul­ti-fam­ily build­ing in warm cli­ma­te

Pie­ro Rus­so

15:45 pm

Cheng­du mi­xed use build­ing – a pass­ive hou­se chal­len­ge in the he­art of Chi­na

Mi­cheel Was­souf

16:10 pm

Meet­ing the pass­ive hou­se stand­ard through pa­ra­met­ric de­sign

Pa­blo Se­pul­ve­da Cor­ra­di­ni

16:35 pm

Pass­ive Hou­se in the equat­or li­ne (ve­ry hot and hu­mid cli­ma­te) - Bra­zil

Luiz Be­zer­ra


* Sim­ul­tan­eous trans­la­ti­on in­to Eng­lish/Chi­ne­se