Passive House in UK and Northern Europe (EN)

Saal Schubert 4-6 (1.OG) - Samstag, 29. April 2017

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Developing summer comfort design guidance for the UK

Nick Grant


Long term experience of PH in North East England: Are there overheating risks?

Mark Siddall


Monitoring towards zero carbon

Vlastimil Rieger


PH school in the northern part of Denmark: First analysis of 5 years’ consumption

Søren Riis Dietz


Moodyville:A preview of North America’s first Passive House district

Monte Paulsen


Poster :
Hienonen | Public authority‘s support for performance verification of single-family house
Mohammadpourkarbasi | The business case for Passive House in the UK
Theoboldt | CO²mpakthuset - 25m² Passive House as training project and student dwelling
Lewis | Affordable Passive House homes for Norfolk
Corson | Pre fab Passive House design to delivery

Hienonen, Mohammadpourkarbasi, Theoboldt, Lewis, Corson